Using Carpal Tunnel Wrist Braces


Wrist Supports Offer Wrist Pain Relief

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the result of inflammation in the wrist, and sometimes requires a wrist support, or carpal tunnel wrist brace, to improve. The carpal tunnel consists of a combination of the carpal ligament, and bone, and provides a passage for the median nerve and tendons in the wrist.

When someone, such as an assembly line worker, repeats identical wrist movements, the carpal tunnel sometimes becomes irritated and inflamed. Inflammation of the carpal tunnel results in compression of the median nerve, which causes symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, such as pain, tingling, and numbness. These symptoms can either be prevented or alleviated by the use of carpal tunnel wrist braces.

Correctly Fitted Carpal Tunnel Brace

When using carpal tunnel wrist braces, it is important to make sure that it fits correctly. If the brace is too tight, it can rub and chafe, or even compress the wrist further, resulting in additional symptoms. If the brace is too loose, it won’t work effectively. Carpal tunnel wrist supports should be fitted individually by a doctor, and patients should pay attention to certain aspects of the brace’s fit to ensure that they won’t cause problems later.

The area of carpal tunnel wrist braces that sit at the base of the thumb should be comfortable, and should not press into the skin when the brace is fully adjusted. The patient should wear the brace for at least 10 minutes during the fitting, to ensure that it does not press or chafe in any areas. The carpal tunnel wrist support should have adjustable velcro straps, allowing the patient to adjust the fit as needed.

Wearing a Wrist Brace to Prevent Carpal Tunnel Pain

Carpal tunnel wrist braces can be used to prevent flare-ups of symptoms. In order to prevent symptoms, the carpal tunnel wrist support should be worn when doing any activity that can cause repetitive stress on the wrist. Work activities are a common culprit, but for people with carpal tunnel syndrome, many other activities can result in a flare up, including driving a car and using a manual screwdriver. Wearing the carpal tunnel wrist braces at night can also help to prevent symptoms, since many people flex their wrists during sleep, resulting in carpal tunnel irritation.

Using a Carpal Tunnel Brace for Pain Relief

Keeping carpal tunnel wrist braces in the freezer can help relieve painful carpal tunnel symptoms when they occur. The metal in the wrist brace retains the cold of the freezer, while the cloth covering the metal will keep it from being too cold on the skin. In addition, immobilizing the wrist with a carpal tunnel wrist support will help the carpal tunnel to recover from the irritation sooner, resulting in relief from the symptoms.