Work From Home-Tips to Increasing Productivity

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15 Tips to Increase Productivity When Working From Home

Unforeseen distractions, no one to hold you accountable, and no set schedule often lead to a decrease in productivity, especially when one is working from home. Creating a positive work environment and minimizing distractions will improve your chance of success.

15 Tips to increase productivity when working from home

Office Tips

• Create a dedicated professional work environment that is off limits to friends and family. Learn to close the door on the outside world and focus on achieving success.

• Purchase separate computers; one to play on and one to use professionally. Not only will this simplify things come tax season but it will also eliminate the need to check personal email and social networking sites throughout the day.

• Respond to emails at a set time each day. Do not randomly check email throughout the day and dash off a quick response in the middle of a large project.

• Keep your work area clean and organized. A tidy and well organized work station encourages productivity and eliminates the stressed caused by not being able to find something.

• Install a dry erase board on a main wall within your work area. Use this board to list daily goals and activities. As activities are completed mark them off and watch your productivity increase.


• Increase productivity through effective time management. Schedule regular working hours each day and clearly define a start and a stop time.

• Focus on high priority tasks first. Complete them before moving on to more mundane tasks.

• Work when you feel most productive. One of the benefits or working from home is setting your own hours.

• Dress appropriately. Often people who work from home list one of the benefits as being able to work in their pajamas. While this is possible it does not usually result in improved productivity.

• Each evening create a plan of action for the following day.

Personal Health Tips

•Know when to stop. Take regular breaks and reenergize your batteries. Also if the day’s work is complete turn off the computer and do not go back to it. Instead enjoy time with friends and family.

• Get active. People who work from home are generally glued to a chair for 8-10 hours a day. Schedule time to go to the gym or just to take a walk around the block.

• Take time out to eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. The body needs fuel to continue being productive.

• Resist the urge to snack throughout the day. While it may be convenient to snack while working, the extra calories can quickly add up.

• Get plenty of sleep. Don’t allow sleep deprivation to rob you of your productivity.

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