What Everybody Ought to Know About Acupuncture

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The Secret of Pins and Needles

Legend has it that thousands of years ago, a village doctor discovered by accident how an arrow injury relieved a stiff and painful shoulder. As a result, he cautiously poked patients with arrows.

Over the years, pins and needles replaced arrows to stimulate acupuncture points. Since the 18th century, acupuncture pins and needles have help treat the chronic nature of musculoskeletal pain.

Acupuncture is a safe and effective therapy that aids the body to heal itself. Placing needles in the appropriate acupuncture points will relieve the nerves of pressure. When the nerves are free of pressure, the muscles are less tense and the blood begins to flow freely into the body systems.

Acupuncture treatment makes use of very fine needles to stick at specific points on the skin, mostly near nerve endings. Light and more pliant than a sewing needle, the stainless steel rod is finer than the earlier kind of acupuncture instruments, which were made of carved and polished fish bone.

A View on the Wonders of Acupuncture

From the modern perspective, when acupuncture stimulates the nervous system, the primary signaling system not only transmits signals along the nerves that comprise it, but also emits a variety of biochemicals that influence other cells, in so doing increasing the rate of healing response.

Chinese acupuncturists believe that insertion of acupuncture needles can help normalize the flow of electrons and ions within the body. Once the needle is in correct point and position, neurotransmitters appear and certain chemical substances from the brain centers are release to form the body mechanism for pain relief.

Generally, acupuncture therapy is virtually painless. However, as the tapered tip of the needle slowly slides into the skin, patient will feel various needling sensations like distending, tingling, and warmth spreading from the needling point to the surrounding area.

According to Dr. Philip Tan-Gatue, a professor on Traditional Chinese Medicine at the University of the Philippines, the different sensations signal the “arrival of qi” that is most often defined as a life force that emanates, animates, and circulates in everything that exists.

Qi is like a river of energy flowing throughout the human body that helps heal arthritis, back pain, Fibromyalgia, headache, leg pain, neck pain, migraines, including carpal tunnel syndrome.

Acupuncture as Effective Treatment

Acupuncture is effective for relieving nausea associated with pregnancy, reducing dental pain, back pain, and migraine. People usually turn to acupuncture for relief from seasonal allergies. Acupuncture targeting the point located at the base of the skull helps cure acute disorders, such as common cold, influenza, headache, neck pain, and fever.

Acupuncture is a widely accepted preventative medicine for chronic pain and a drug free treatment. A 1989 study published in the British journal, The Lancet, Milton L. Bullock wrote that acupuncture was highly effective in treating alcohol addiction. A similar article by NIDA Technical Review in 1992 stated that acupuncture is more effective than placebo in treating drug addiction.

Dr. Ken Carter, an acupuncturist at a detoxification clinic in the District of Columbia, told News Briefs, “Acupuncture has a soothing, relaxing effect on patients, which is helpful to people experiencing drug withdrawal syndrome.”

Commonly Used Acupuncture Points

Certain points have an effect on particular body organs. Acupuncture points have their own functions and role in regulating the flow of qi energy in the body. Acupuncture aims to restore health by stimulating these specific points on the body, which lie over free nerve endings.

Needling the ears’ 300 pressure points will stimulate the flow of qi energy in the nervous system, liver, kidney, and lungs. Another important point is located where the skull joins the neck in theback. This is use to treat acute disorders, such as cold, influenza, headache, neck pain, and fever.

The points that are at the top of the head are use in the treatment of various mental disorders, tinnitus, nasal obstruction, and difficulty with speech. Applying acupuncture needles on the points between the thumb and the first finger will help relieve inflammatory and feverish conditions.

Acupuncture points located above the wrist on the inside of the arm are specific to upper body disorders. Likewise, the point located on the outer side of the wrist is use for treating heart disease and fatigue, anxiety disorders and depression.

Acupuncture is a very old kind of holistic healing that seeks to restore balance and harmony on the body and mind. Doctors use acupuncture needles to release pain and suffering from back pain to headache, neck pain to joint pain including drug and stroke rehabilitation to simply maintaining well-being.

Begin stimulating body acupuncture points at home. Try Chinese self-massage every morning to stimulate points on the body and limbs that can help restore the proper flow of qi energy and blood in the channels.